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This demure panel shows a relied in "Clay" set on a Terra Cotta panel or Freeze. 3D Gallery - 1
In addition to the outstanding and often spectacular detail delivered in the 3D works
of art, The Spa Collection is renowned for the range of finishes that are available to
enable the pieces to meld into the existing or planned decor of your facility.

These are not only - aesthetic finishes - but also to enable the pieces to survive in moist,
humid or other environments, even to cope with the extremes of the Northern European

A further addition to the range is the spectacular “Body Art” , seen on the piece here -
which has been painted directly on to an Alabaster body cast, creating a stunning, free
standing,  “Impactful”, piece of installation art for a reception area.            
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The Spa Collection
Female Bust (M)
Three Handed
Female Form Draped
An Intriguing, Triangular presentation of limbs in Gypsum
Once again the sumptuous (weatherproof) Malachite finish delivers additional impact to this delightful Female Torso The smooth finish of the Alabaster delivering superbdetail, but contrasting with the strength and power of this powerful piece. Gypsum
Female Torso in Spa Garden 
presented In Malachite
“Breast Plate” in Gypsum
Torso in Gypsum
Rugged, tactile and waeather resistant Female Torso, in situ in a water feature, depicted in Terra Cotta. Terra Cotta Female Torso in situ in a Spa Garden
standing mount
“Imposing” (Alabaster) Female Torso
N.B. Remember, as all of our pieces are cast from live models, they are obviously “Life Sized”. The images of them below are 
         not to the same scale, but have been “sized” in order to present them to you now on the pages of this gallery.
Our "Delightfull Duo" in Gypsum. They are available as a pair or separatley. Delightful Duo 
(Available separately) 
Of Female Torso
Freeze on Terra Cotta