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Poles Divided. 10149: Classical Figurative Art from The Spa Collection How we do it
The beauty and power of the female form in this piece "Female Torso".
     The Spa Collection is aimed at providing exquisite, tasteful
     works of figurative art to properties and individuals who wish
to add stunning relevant art to their Spa, Clinic or Home.

  In addition to providing a wide choice of images / sculpture from stock  
  and “Bespoke” creation, we also provide a wide array of materials /
   formats to ensure a perfect match match to the eventual location.
We have a large portfolio of tasteful, limited edition, figurative
images and detailed body casts - as can be seen left and right.

They all come with their individual “Art-i-Fact” attesting to their originality.      
The photographs are captured in high resolution and hand printed - once again, enabling a match to the
environment into which the item is to be (individually) placed.

The sculptures are created, cast and crafted in intricate detail from our talented models, by Ken Clarke, one
of the country’s leading exponents of this delicate art, or one of our, various, talented, specialists colleagues

Our clients can simply select the individual pieces from our extensive catalogue of 2D and 3D range.

More usually, one of our skilled artists, will arrange to meet with you to carry out a survey of the property in
order that they can advise on the number and type of piece(s) that will best suit the environment.
The benefit of our long experience in the field is available to our clients as an integral element of our service.
However, it is also possible to simply purchase your piece(s) from the extensive catalogue. Our products fall
mainly into the following categories:-    
3D Sculpture
2D Pictures
Canvas print in situe in a reception area Canvas Prints
Printed directly onto high quality,
heavy duty canvas with stable, long
life, fade resistant inks. The canvases
are stretched over strong 4.5cm x
2.5cm batons. The image wraps
seamlessly around the corners for a
clean finish.
The canvases are ideally suited to carry images of 2 x 1.5 meters but
even at this size, they only weigh 3 kg and are very easy to hang.  
Acrylic Prints
Detail showing the 3mm Aluminium stand off mount for an aluminium picture
This method of presentation is truly
“Spectacular”, with the image being printed
on sturdy 2 cm. thick acrylic that imparts a
sheen and strength to the picture - suiting it
to more humid environments - such as are
found in Spas.

The Acrylic is off set from the wall on 3 cm.
aluminium posts, ensuring a “Secure” mount
for unsecured, public areas
Black and white print in a classic and stylish mount and frame
One of our skills is the careful selection of
Mount and Frames that sympathetically
form the link between the image(s) selected
and the environment into which it / they
are to be placed.

We don’t simply create a picture, whose hue
and tonal range is individually matched to  the
the environment into which they are to be
Placed. This “personalised placement”  of the
archive quality, limited edition print, ensures
that its effect will be maximised for the viewing pleasure of clients,
staff and of course - you!    
Aluminium Prints
Detail from an aluminium print
Printing directly onto  sturdy aluminium,
creating a robust, durable product to show
off high saturation images to their best. Using
8 ink, high UV resistant inks and achieving an
astonishing intensity of colour in high -
definition matt finish.

The finish is high colour and light resistant, it is
even water resistant - hence, suitable for “ wet
areas” in & around spas, swimming pools  etc.
  It will even survive the extremes of the UK
     Exterior, in rain and direct sunlight!
The latest UV art print technology, can
guarantee longevity and durability of our
art work, delivering superior quality in
sizes up to 150″x 180″
A classic "Fragment" and a stunning but simple piece in Gypsum, "Female Bust"
Crafted & created directly from our toned,
talented models, our stunning life sized,
figurative sculptures range from  impressive
“fragments” (of the human form) such as
this beautiful bust - to, “full form” figures,
such as this resting nude, (installed on a
shelf above a reception area).     
Full life size (Full Form) female nude sculpture in simple, but stunningly detailed Gypsum
One of the most popular finishes available for sculptures in
The Spa Collection is this classic white - “Gypsum”, -
delivering superb definition and even with existing low
level, ambient lighting, shows off the musculature and tone
of the piece superbly. Ideally suited to indoor displays.
Terra Cotta
This form and finish has
been created not only
to take advantage of the
warm tones it delivers,
Sensual "Malachite" finish to a female bust / torso
Providing one of a variety of finishes that
we supply, these rich green tones impart a
further strength and depth to the superbly
detailed life casts.

They work equally well in subdued and
crafted lighting - but additionally, have the
advantage of being fully weatherproof and
capable of being placed externally or in wet /
humid locations (Spas, wet rooms, etc).

The media we have shown here in the 2D / 3D
sections, are but a selection of the finishes that we create,
providing an ever increasing range of presentations for our
stunning & detailed figurative art works, created specifically
to enhance the ambience in and around Spas!