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What we do
Dance with the veil. 40172: Classical Figurative Art from The Spa Collection Beauty and Strength in the Form of a rear view Study of a Male Rear Inspirational Terra Cotta Male piece created for a malechanging room. Tony Orwin at work with a model in Madeira Ken Clarke at work with a model in his Reading Studio
The Spa Collection, works closely with clients to identify the required theme / branding for a project and after extensive
research into the area where the Spa is to be or is located, will use local architecture, industry, history, flora or even fable as back
-drops, against which our expert models deliver the carefully choreographed poses that will define the visual signature of the Spa.

The resultant Art is then carefully positioned as an integral element of the “Optical Ensemble”, delivering visual triggers to Spa
Clients and staff alike - setting the mood and quickly establishing the status and quality of the facility from first contact.