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Stained Class. 20133: Classic Female Nude from The Spa Collection Strength, Power and Alure in this captivating Gypsum presentation of a Rear View of a Female Torso
     The Spa Collection advises on, creates and delivers works of
       figurative art, designed specifically to enhance  spas and related
      properties. We have two main ranges that have been carefully  
      selected to augment each others effectiveness:-

  The 2 dimensional canvases and prints from Tony Orwin

  The 3 dimensional body cast sculptures from Ken Clarke.
            This web site provides an introduction to the broad range of targeted  
            art works available, specifically for the “spa market”,  however, please
contact us to discuss your specific requirements and to learn about the bespoke
commissions, leases and other methods of owning these spectacularly beautiful
works of art to display throughout YOUR spa, treatment rooms or related businesses.         
To assist you in browsing through the extensive portfolio, we have divided the works into their primary categories that can be
accessed simply via the two navigation buttons below.

Remember, the examples shown here, are a fraction of the existing dynamic portfolio - and of course we will be delighted
to discuss creating specific pieces for your establishment, featuring local land marks and features, or simply including a
company logo or theme. For now though, click through and enjoy - The Spa Collection -
3D Sculpture
Use this link to explore our stricking, sympathetic and contemplative range of Limited Edition, Figurative works of Art, created and crafted specificaly for Spa, Treatmenmt rooms and similar facilities.