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Ancient Art recreated in this imposing 1.7 meter Terra Cotta Frieze - perfect to adorn corridors or reception areas of Gyms, Treatment rooms and Clincs. Powerful depiction of the male form in this Gypsum Wall Hanging "Male half bust" 3D Gallery - 2
The detail and alure that are delivered by the smooth, tactile finish of the Malachite tratment are renowned. This female torso both benefits and adds to it.
The two main contributing artists to The Spa Collection, strive to create works
of art, designed specifically for the calm, intimate atmosphere of the world of The Spa.

Although this web site provides an overview of the range and breadth of the collection,
the pieces are designed to be seen at “Life Size” - and hence if you think that our art could
suit your requirements, please contact us to enable one of our artists to contact or visit
to arrange a demonstration of the impact that the pieces will deliver.
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For now though, please, continue to browse through our 3D works of art on this and
the associated pages, or return to the 2D galleries (by using the link, blow and left),
but in any case, to enjoy   
The Spa Collection
Gypsum Bust
Female Form Draped
Female Torso
Classic Romaesque presentation of the female form - semi draped and presented as a wall hanging in Gypsum. Full length, shallow Female Torso in a Terra Cotta Freeze
Wall hanging in Gypsum of Female in Romanesque, draped delivery N.B. Remember, as all of our pieces are cast from live models, they are obviously “Life Sized”. The 
        images of them below are not to the same scale, but have been “sized” in order to present them 
        to you now on the pages of this gallery.
(Rear aspect) in Gypsum
Female Torso, draped.
 Wall Hanging
 - in Gypsum
 Female Torso on Wall Plinth
in a Gypsum
Male Half bust
wall hanging
Classic beauty and grace in this reclining female study in Gypsum on an integral plinth. Full length, full form sculpture of reclining female in Gypsum an integral plinth